Web development and design

Every project needs a professional web application or a marketing website. Our web developer will set you up with a website frontend that allows your Web3 project to shine in terms of functionality and marketing.

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First impressions matter

Your website may be the first point of contact for a lot of people that discover your project. If someone is researching a new Web3 project to invest in, you'd want to make a good first impression by having a professional website that clearly showcases what your project is about. If instead your website is a slow, janky and bloated piece of... well you get the point. It doesn't make your project look good even if the website itself doesn't have anything directly to do with it.

From design to finish

We start each project by designing the website according to your needs and wants. Each project is unique, so no two websites should be made from the same exact mould. If you have any ideas of what your website should look like, we'd love to hear them while getting started with the design. You might also already have a design ready and just need someone to turn it into code, and that's also fine!

Integrating Web3 features

In the Web3 space a traditional website doesn't cut it anymore. Project websites are now more than just marketing fluff and a contact from. In order for your project's website to be as effective as possible, it should include Web3 features, such as the ability to mint NFTs or to stake your project's tokens.

Wallet integration

The most vital part of adding Web3 features on your website is to add a crypto wallet connector. This allows visitors to connect their wallets, such as MetaMask, to your website and directly interact with the chosen blockchain. Some websites only settle for a MetaMask connector, but we believe that it is really important to make it possible to connect as many different wallets as possible.

Smart contract functions

After connecting their wallet your visitor would most likely want to do something using that wallet. The most common applications are minting NFTs or staking tokens. Both of these can be achieved by forming a connection between the website and the blockchain where your smart contract is deployed to. Once the connection is established your visitors will be able to run any smart contract functions (within the security rules of your contract) through the user interface that we implement on your website.

Price and fee data

Sometimes just running smart contract functions may not be enough, and especially DeFi applications benefit from price and fee data that updates in nearly real-time on the website. Such data is sometimes available directly on the blockchain via your smart contract, but we have also used a wide range of different APIs that provide the data for public consumption (some may be paid).

A good example of utilising APIs to offer real-time data on the frontend is this little app that we built for our own use: gasfee.is. It uses four different APIs to serve blockchain fee data to the frontend. Each API request is cached for 5 seconds, which makes the UI fast & snappy for anyone visiting the site anywhere in the world. Need something similar? Get in touch!

Holder-only content

A good way to offer exclusive benefits for your project's token holders is to create some holder-only content on your website. This could be images, videos, text... anything you want. The only difference between it and the regular content is that anyone wanting to access it needs to connect their crypto wallet and hold your project's token. You can also specify how many and of which types the tokens need to be. This is an excellent way to boost sales by providing additional benefits!

Updating content

You might want to sometimes update your website's content without having to go through us and that can easily be done! For projects that want to publish blog articles, news or other frequently updating content we will integrate a content management system (CMS). The CMS of our choice is currently GraphCMS, because it has a generous free plan, easy-to-learn user interface and great developer resources.

By using the content management system you don't need to touch the actual code, but can still easily update any text content on the website!

Hosting and handling traffic

You may already have an idea of where you want to host your website, but we are also glad to help. We prefer hosting all our projects on Vercel, because it is everything a modern web developer could ask for. Quick deployment, low response times, global CDN network, automatic scaling... and much more.

We will gladly set your project up on Vercel or work with you to get it hosted wherever else you want it.

Maintenance and future updates

We are quite flexible in terms of maintenance and future updates after the project. Some small work after the project can be done for free (especially if we have equity in the project) and for bigger work we can always work out a fair price!

Want to get started?

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