Full-stack NFT development

We are your all-in-one NFT development agency. If you provide the art, we will take care of everything else. Minting smart contracts, minting website, generating thousands of randomized NFTs, uploading the images to IPFS... and much more!

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What is "Full-stack NFT development"?

By "full-stack" we mean that our development services cover everything your NFT project will need from initial planning to successfully launching on a blockchain. Some developers might have experience in coding smart contracts, but can't help you build a website. Others might only be able to create a good-looking website, but don't have experience in integrating a crypto wallet log-in feature that allows users to actually buy your NFTs. We can do it all. With over 15 successfully launched NFT projects we have yet to run into an issue that Lohko can't solve.

Lohko can help you with:

Creating an NFT smart contract

The most vital piece of code in your NFT project will be the smart contract that will essentially power the project forever. Once it is deployed, you can never alter the code again, so getting it right the first time will save you the money and trouble needed to deploy a completely new contract. Your smart contract will contain all the "rules" for your NFT project, such as the max supply of tokens, minting price and token image URL. If your smart contract is not built following the best practices, your buyers could be faced with unnecessarily high gas fees during mint, complications with developing the project further and serious security vulnerabilities.

We have successfully built and launched multiple NFT smart contracts and will gladly discuss our references with you!

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Building and designing a professional website

In addition to a smart contract, we believe that all NFT projects should have a professional website for minting the NFTs but also marketing the project. While some projects may want to launch NFTs that can only be minted directly using the smart contract, that only works for a very niche audience as most buyers are not familiar with the process. That's why you want to make the buying process as easy as possible and there's no better way than to create a website where visitors can learn more about your project and mint your NFTs.

Lohko will help you design a website that fits your brand perfectly. Each project is unique, so why make the websites from a single boring template? We will help you bring out the best in your project by going back and forth with ideas for your website. After we know which direction to take your website to, we will build it using the best modern technologies to ensure that your visitors will have an error-free experience on your website. Our websites look good, load quick and provide a safe way for people to buy your NFTs.

Generating randomized NFT images and metadata

You've probably seen NFT projects with thousands of unique images created by combining different "traits", but have you ever wondered how they are created? No, you don't need to make the combinations manually by hand - instead they are generated using a script that layers different images on top of each other to create one final NFT image.

The script will also generate the necessary metadata for each NFT, which will contain its name, description, image link, list of traits and anything else you want to add.

We have created over 10 collections of such randomized NFTs and it doesn't matter wether you need 100 or 100 000 images, Lohko has you covered! Deliver the layers to us and we'll generate

Hosting your NFTs on the decentralized IPFS-network

How about hosting all the thousands of NFT images / gifs / videos / music files you create? This is where IPFS (Interplanetary File System) comes handy. IPFS is a distributed and decentralized network where we can indefinitely host files associated with your NFTs. We will take care of the upload process, so you can just lay back and take it easy!

What separates Lohko from the rest?

In addition to offering all the development services for your NFT project under one roof, we always take pride in going the extra mile to make sure that you never have to settle for less than you were looking for. Through our private Discord server you can almost always reach us within a few minutes (disclaimer: sometimes we too need to sleep), and if we happen to be sleeping we'll get back to you first thing in the morning. This way we can quickly step in to solve any potential problems or implement new features on short notice.

Services according to your needs

Each NFT project is unique, so one service model would never fit them all perfectly. That's why we take pieces from here and there and combine them into the perfect package to help your NFT project succeed.

Need only a smart contract and can handle the website yourself or the other way around? Perfect! Need someone to handle everything else except the art? Also perfect! No matter your situation or current team, we can make it all work.