Mad Crocodile Crew

Mad Crocodiles is an NFT profile picture project that we helped launch on Ethereum. We began the project in November 2021 and began pre-sale in the last week of the same month. Full launch began 7 days after pre-sale on the 1st of December 2021. In the end, the project ended up selling over $60,000 worth of NFTs in one month, boosted by an exceptionally cheap minting price due to contract optimization and a website with 0 down-time at all.

Project highlights

  • Successful pre-sale for whitelisted addresses before full launch
  • 2-3x lower gas fees compared to other projects
  • 0 down-time for website even during peak traffic
  • Batch reveals every few days to prevent trait sniping

Smart contract development

Our developer designed and built the smart contract used to mint Mad Crocodile NFTs. The contract was highly optimized in terms of gas consumption, which resulted in us seeing 2-3x lower gas fees compared to other NFT projects that were minting at the same time.

Gas optimization

One of the biggest obstacles in the current NFT market are the ridiculous gas fees on transactions in the Ethereum blockchain. Most projects we've followed have never given any thought to optimizing their contracts and have instead glued together something that worked and called it a day.

For this project (and all future projects) we went all-out on optimizing our contract and managed to cut gas feeds down to 2-3x lower than competing projects.

Web design and development

We designed the website according to the Mad Crocodile Crew brand and theme. After the design was approved, we built the site in one week. The website didn't go offline even during the highest traffic peaks which allowed smooth minting for everyone.

Technology stack

Our preferred way for NFT projects is building a website using the JAMstack approach. This means that we build the front-end to be completely back-end agnostic and capable of running in a serverless environment. For Mad Crocodiles we didn't implement a separate content management system, because it was not in the specs, so all content editing happened directly inside the code.

The Mad Crocodile Crew website consists of a React (Next.js) front-end hosted on Vercel. Editing happens directly via Github and all deployments can be followed in real-time to make sure nothing goes wrong.

Working with Lohko was a really good decision. They're great developers and very good at communicating how the project is progressing.

- Mad Crocodile Crew

Image generation

We used the layers that the artist drew to algorithmically generate 10,000 images with proper metadata that can be used to determine each NFT's rarity. We then uploaded the images and their metadata to the IPFS for indefinite decentralized hosting.

The importance of traits in a project

Traits are the only thing making each of your project's NFTs unique and the rarer the trait, the rarer the NFT that carries it. Traits can also be used for other things than just changing the looks of your NFT, like giving a character certain powers in a game.

Hosting the NFTs and the website

We took care of all website hosting related tasks updating and optimizing the website based on gathered usage data. During peak traffic the site reached a maximum of $20 spend in a single month.

We chose Pinata as our preferred gateway for uploading content to the IPFS (Interplanetary File System) for decentralized hosting. Pinata is great, because it was so easy to reveal new NFTs by simply uploading a fresh folder with the added pieces.