Liferz were looking for someone to build them a minting website according to their existing design and found Lohko via Discord.

Project highlights

  • Website built and launched in a week
  • Client design implemented exactly as requested
  • Continuous communication with the client regardless of an 8 hours timezone difference

Our workflow

As with all our projects, we began by thoroughly outlining all our client's needs, wants and expectations. After we had discussed the requirements and looked at their website design, we were able to give a fair quote and timeline for the work to be done. The client was happy with our offer, so we were able to jump right in.

We began by building a demo app with a rough implementation of the design they were looking for. Then slowly but surely every day we made some improvements to the site before finally the client was fully happy and we agreed that the project was complete.

Typically we would also build the smart contracts and maybe even generate thousands of randomized images, but this time all the client was looking for was the website.

Building a website based on an existing design

Because Liferz already had a design file built for them, our job was pretty straightforward. All we had to do was turn it into a Nextjs application with a Metamask integration. Projects like this are always faster to complete, because sometimes the design phase can take longer than actually building the website itself. Even though we love designing websites ourselves, sometimes it's refreshing to just look at a design file and implement it without any design work on our part.


The client was super happy with how the website turned out and I'm sure it'll serve well in its purpose - minting NFTs. We wish Liferz the best of luck with their project!