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Hello, World!

Published: February 21st 2022

This is our first blog post. If you're reading this, it means that we finally had time to redesign our own website and create a blog!

Opensea screenshot

What is Lohko?

Lohko (“Block” in Finnish) is a Web3 development agency that was founded in January 2022. Our team currently consists of just us, Mikael and Markus.

Despite just starting our own company, we already have a few years of developer experience under our belts from the Web2 world. Mikael’s background is in engineering with an emphasis on autonomous transportation, AI and machine learning. Markus’ background is in web development, digital marketing and web design.

Jumping from Web2 to Web3

We often get asked how we got into the Web3 space, since people seem to have taken very different routes here. Our’s is kind of a basic one, as we were already in the software development business and both interested in crypto, so the next logical step was to try building software for crypto.

Our first “real” Web3 project was Mad Crocodile Crew for which we built the smart contracts & minting website and handled generating all 10,000 randomized NFT images. In the end the project ended up selling over $60,000 worth of NFTs before closing the sale. After that we’ve quite rapidly gained new clients and through that have been able to learn a lot more about the scene as a whole.

More blog posts are coming!

We’ll try to update this blog whenever we have anything even remotely interesting to share. Stay tuned and follow us on Twitter!